Age category One competitor can compete in the same dance discipline, and category, but maximum two times!!! Age category in wich you can apply are:
  • Baby – 5,5 years and less
  • Mini – 5,6 – 8,5 years
  • Children – 8,6 – 12,5 years
  • Junior – 12,6 – 16,5
  • Senior – 16,6 and more years
In case of duo/trio, groups or formations we took average age. Dancers from one younger age category can be in the same choreography with dancers from one older age category:
  • Baby can dance with Mini, but not with Children, Junior and Senior age category.
  • Mini can dance with Baby and Children, but not with Junior and Senior
  • Children can dance with Mini and Junior, but not with Baby and Senior
  • Junior can dance with Children and Senior, but not with Baby and Mini
  • Senior can dance with Junior, but not with Baby, Mini and Children
Exception: In discipline Production Number all age category can dance together.


  • Solo 1 dancer
  • Duo/Trio 2 or 3 dancers
  • Group – 4 – 10 dancers
  • Formation – 11 + dancers

Time limits
  • Solo, Duo/Trio – 1-2 min
  • Group – 2-3 min
  • Formation – 3-4 min

If your music is 5 seconds longer then time limit, the points will not be reduced for that choreography, but judges will not tolerate anything over 5 seconds over the time limit. Please do not go over your music time limit, because the timeline of competition. If your choreography starts before dancers are on the stage, please notice our DJ!!!