Mediteranian Folklore Organization

The 'Mediteranian Folklore Organization' is part of the international Mediteranian Organization, We organize folklore festivals, children folklore festivals, workshops and seminars all around the world. In the early 1993’s the organization started its work in the Balkans region with its main activity the folklore festivals. By time those festivals went forward and we were getting closer to achieve our mission to bring together different nations, traditions and cultures. Today, we can proudly say that we count more than 6000 group members and that number is constantly growing. Besides the regular (adult) folklore festivals, we also organize children folklore festivals, and the reason to separate them from the adult festivals is to gather the children folklore groups together so they can meet and make new durable friendships and together to show to their generation that keeping the tradition alive by folklore is beautiful.
On the folklore festivals organized, new friendships are made every time, many groups connecting each other and participating together on our festivals. Because of this reason, we decided to enrich the 'Mediteranian Folklore Organization' and integrate on it workshops and seminars where all the groups can meet together, spend quality time learning from each other and as well from our choreographers and instructors. Through this short biography we would like to express our appreciation to all our group-members for helping us sharing the beauty of folklore in the world and keeping the traditions alive, and we would like to welcome the new groups that will become a part of our organization.