“The Emerald Island’’ 14 – 19 Jun 2020.

The Ethno Festival is organized by the Mediteranian Organization in cooperation with the Ministry of Northern Greece, the Consulate of Thessaloniki, the Municipality of Kavala and local ensembles and other participants. Ethno festival will be broadcasted by local and international press and television. The mayor or deputy mayor of each city from which the participants of the festival come will be the honorary guest of the festival, at the expense of the organizers.

At our Ethno Festival, the exhibitors will be able to present, promote and sell ethno products, such as: souvenirs, ceramics, textiles, clothing, folk costumes, etno-food and drinks, glass, silverware, bronze and gold and others such as: cosmetics and perfumes, medicines, vitamins and minerals, preserved fruit and vegetable products, plant products and others. At the stands of our ethno festival guests will be able to taste organic products, 100% natural and healthy food such as fruits, vegetables, juices, dairy products, olive oil and others.

The rich Bulgarian cuisine you will try at our ethno festival offers unforgettable tastes that can be felt only in Bulgaria. The traditional Bulgarian cuisine includes a treasury of taste and smell created by the mix of the influence of various peoples who passed and lived in those areas. Specialties that you will try are could soup tarator, banitsa, börek, grilled meat, goulash, white brine cheese called "sirene" etc. The aim of our ethno gourmet festival is to retain and share domestic and national culinary tradition, and to contribute to the development and expansion of friendships between different countries, traditions and cultures.
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